Disinfection chemicals - chlorine dioxide

NEW CONCEPT DU-OX® disinfection products 0.25% up to 0.85% active chlorine dioxide

DU-OX® is a system that uses the chemical chlorine dioxide to purify and disinfect. High purity chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is the ideal product for treating liquid,
surface and/or airborne microbial contamination in a safe and effective manner.

The DU-OX® concept, is perfect for both industrial and private consumer use because it involves the production of a 0.25 % up to a 0.85 % ( 2500 to 8500 ppm ) active chlorine dioxide solution in water through the reaction of two stable liquids. Because the chlorine dioxide produced by this process is of very high 
purity ( > 99.9%), there are no by-products such as chlorine, chlorate and chlorite formed or left.

Since the precursors of chlorine dioxide are transported and stored as two stable separate liquids and the chlorine dioxide is finally created as a dilute solution in water, there is no risk of explosion. The products generated are completely stable for 60 days, stored in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 25°C.
DU-OX® is not corrosive and it is very easy to handle.

As mentioned DU-OX® is an advanced two component liquid system developed to allow anyone to quickly create a high purity solution of chlorine dioxide
without the need for generators or specific equipment. Once mixed together in water, this safe versatile DU-OX® liquid system will deliver an activated
solution of chlorine dioxide that is ready for use at short notice making it ideal for small to medium use applications where the control of microbiological
activity is essential or critical.

Typical preparation procedure of DU-OX® active solution is depicted below for 200 liter of 0.85 % ( 8500 ppm ) active chlorine dioxide as an
example ( DU-OX® 85 ):

1. Take a dark tank of HDPE which can contain 200 liter liquid.


2. Fill the tank with 150 liter of tap water.

3. Add then 10 liter of DU-OX® component A to the 150 liter of tap water.

4. Then add 40 liter of DU-OX® component B to the tap water.

5. Close the tank.

6. Wait for minimum 5 hours.

8. Agitate shortly in order to homogenise the mixture.

9. DU-OX® 85 is ready to use.