Disinfection chemicals - chlorine dioxide


The DU-OX® concept is :

  • Environmental friendly :

DU-OX® :

Does not generate free chlorine when dosed into the water.

Does not generate chlorite after preparation in the concentrate.

Does not generate by products like THM’s ( trihalomethanes), HAA’s ( halogenated acidic acids ) and Mutagen X like chlorine is doing.

Does not change the taste nor the colour of treated water.

  • Safe and easy to use :

DU-OX® :

Is not explosive

Is stable for 60 days

Is not corrosive in use

Is generated by a safe preparation method

  • Economical and effective :

DU-OX® :

Is very easy to use.

Requires very simple dosing and measuring equipment.

Can be dosed in low quantities because of its strength.

Is a broad spectrum disinfectant.

Prevents and destructs biofilm.

Is effective against legionella.

Kills bacteria, algae, fungi, yeast, viruses, cyst.

Works over a broad pH range ( 2 - 10 ).

Does not require a reactor or generator investment.