Toll-manufacturing of chemicals

Main reasons why customers rely on a toll manufacturing company :

  • To lower operating costs
  • Insufficient available means in general
  • No own production facility available
  • Have chosen other priorities
  • To lower your operating risk on-site
  • To stay at your core-business
  • Insufficient own production capacity available
  • To lower human resource costs
  • ...

D&C Chemicals can fulfill your needs or your request by :

  • Manufacturing according to your recipe of semi or completely finished chemical products
  • Assisting in selecting the right packaging and packaging-size
  • Designing your labels
  • Developing and providing the right chemical solution

We want to strive for a long term business relationship by delivering quality, flexibility and reliability every day again.

Through our modern machinery almost every request is possible with batch production facilities ranging from less than 500 liters up to 5.000 liters or
more and standard packaging ranging from 50 ml to 1000 liters and bulk-deliveries.